Written by Chet Hosmer

July 23, 2019

Wall-of-Sheep Presentation

Looking forward to DEFCON 27, happening Aug 8-11 in Las Vegas. Chet Hosmer will be presenting “Leveraging Passive Network Mapping with Raspberry Pi and Python” in the Wall of Sheep on Friday, August 9th at 6PM. Mapping of network assets and their behaviors is a vital step needed for the prevention of, and response to cyber-attacks. Today, active tools like NMAP are used to discover network assets – however these methods typically are used to take a momentary snapshot. By passively and continuously monitoring network activity, the discovery of rogue devices, aberrant behavior, and emerging threats is possible. This talk and demonstration will utilize a Raspberry Pi and a custom Python solution to map network assets and their behaviors, along with a demonstration of the identification of rogue devices and unauthorized activities.

SkyTalks Presentation

Also, Come join Mike Raggo and Chet Hosmer at DEFCON 27 for our SkyTalks forum presentation.  We will be presenting “Identifying & Dissecting Fake Photos” on Friday August 9th, at 1PM in the Jubilee Ballroom on the 2nd floor of Bally’s.

The global impact resulting from the distribution of doctored digital photographs has reached an epidemic proportion. These digitally altered photos are distributed through social media, news outlets, traditional web resources and are making their way into the mainstream media. The impact of these photos can dramatically change the way people think, act, react, believe and can ultimately cause harm. At the simplest level they represent visual fraud. During this presentation, we will convey real examples along with the resulting impacts that have already occurred. Most importantly, we will demonstrate a new methodology rooted in the dark art of steganography that can actively identify these fraudulent photos and even trace their origins back to their creators.

PythonNation Podcast

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